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How to further improve the operation efficiency and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises? Any enterprise will raise this question. When the traditional means can not play the expected role, informatization has become the choice of many enterprises. In 2004, based on the successful application of information technology in a small scale in the past, Dalian Xinchuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. comprehensively promoted the enterprise information construction, in order to ensure that the enterprise occupies a "place" in the fierce market competition. Hu Wei, chief of the development and operation section of the information management department of Dalian Xinchuan heavy industry, said that by the end of this year, the company will build a network platform, logistics system and collaborative office platform

informatization starts from digital design

tracing the informatization process of Dalian new shipbuilding industry, we should go back to the time when the company introduced CAD technology and implemented digital design 14 years ago. In the early 1990s, Dalian new shipbuilding industry was just established, and its comprehensive strength was in the last few among the eight major shipyards in China at that time. For the survival and development of the enterprise, Dalian Xinchuan heavy industry has taken various means to improve its comprehensive competitive strength, and computer application is one of them

as an enterprise with shipbuilding as its core business, ship design is one of its most important businesses. The traditional drawing design operation was eclipsed in front of the emerging computer-aided design at that time, and there was a significant gap in the efficiency and effect of its design. Under the pressure of the market, the employees of Dalian Xinchuan heavy industry abandoned the drawings used for many years and resolutely chose unfamiliar computers. At the same time, in order to unify the management of this digital design, Dalian new shipbuilding industry has developed a CAD application platform, under which all the computer-aided 3D design of ship design process is completed. By 2000, the company further improved the design platform, many functions were more perfect, and the three-dimensional design of large hull and other functions were gradually realized. Hu Wei said that the means of digital design has greatly shortened the ship design cycle and is easy to modify, and the design quality is easier to be guaranteed. For example, in June this year, five 300000 ton cruise ships manufactured by Dalian new shipbuilding industry for Iran have been handed over, and the digital design has played a great auxiliary role in the project

comprehensive promotion of the construction of three platforms

in order to better improve the overall work efficiency of the enterprise through information technology, Dalian Xinchuan heavy industry has formulated a basic information plan: in addition to the network infrastructure, it is necessary to complete the information construction in three aspects after 2000: material flow system, collaborative office platform and production planning and management platform

Hu Wei said that Dalian new shipbuilding industry took the accumulation of data as the basis and source of information construction, so it took a lot of time to collect, sort out and accumulate enterprise technical data. By 2004, Dalian new shipbuilding industry has fully carried out information construction. It is expected that the company will build three comprehensive application platforms by the end of the year. First, the construction of enterprise network platform, which is the basic environment for enterprise network office: in the past, some business departments of Dalian new shipbuilding industry have established some internal networks that can not meet the requirements of high stiffness precision spring. This construction will expand these "points" to "surfaces" and build a network platform covering the whole company. It is expected that the platform will be completed and put into use in October this year. The second is the overall logistics system of the company: Hu Wei said that the logistics system to be built this time is not only a narrow "supply sales inventory" system, but also integrates the financial system, so that every business process closely related to production can be monitored accordingly, so as to realize the expert representation system of cost control and business transparency. The third is the enterprise collaborative office platform, which will include workflow management, project management, cross departmental collaborative management and many other contents. The latter two tasks will be completed by the end of this year

server demand is the focus of construction

in the construction of logistics system and network platform system of Dalian New Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, the selection of server has become the key content. Hu Wei said that because the construction of these application platforms is network centered, and each business process has a large amount of data that needs to be effectively managed and stored, the selection of servers to process these large amounts of data has become one of the core contents of the construction

in the process of server type selection, Dalian new shipbuilding industry has adhered to the principles of four aspects. The first is the reliability and stability of the server: Hu Wei believes that after the completion of information construction, the company's business process will have a strong dependence on the information system. As a server for storing data, it needs "24" × seven "All-weather uninterrupted operation, so its stability and reliability are the most basic requirements. The second is the high performance of data processing: due to the huge amount of data involved in the total experimental power, the computing power and processing capacity of the server are required to have a high level. The third is the high cost performance. Any enterprise aiming at profit will focus on the input-output ratio, and Dalian Xinchuan heavy industry is the same. It's OK to buy satisfactory products at a cheap price It's their request. The last is the recognition of the manufacturer's service ability: in Hu Wei's opinion, because the technical ability of the enterprise is not strong, I hope the manufacturer can give the enterprise more service guarantee, so I pay high attention to the scope of users of the manufacturer and the construction effect of these users

full application of Inspur server

after a series of investigation and demonstration, Dalian Xinchuan heavy industry finally selected Inspur's server and storage products. All commercial PCs, departmental servers and storage products in its logistics system and network platform project use Inspur's products, with a total amount of more than 6 million yuan

Hu Wei explained that Inspur's products have been recognized by the company in terms of performance, price and service. Taking the core database server nf420r as an example, it has the functions of automatic search, key data protection and "2 + 1" power supply to ensure reliable operation; Maintenance, four-way Xeon processor and hyper threading technology provide users with satisfactory processing performance; In terms of cost performance, according to Hu Wei, "among similar manufacturers, the high cost performance of Inspur is recognized by the industry". At the same time, Dalian new shipbuilding industry has examined the informatization status of many telecommunications, banking, education and manufacturing enterprises in which it is located before model selection. Many of them are wave users, and the effect of their application has been recognized

at present, Inspur's products have been applied in Dalian new shipbuilding industry. Hu Wei said that they are quite satisfied with the service of Inspur: Inspur has a special service department in Liaoning and a spare parts warehouse. The service personnel can arrive at the fault site in four hours for maintenance; In case of hardware problems, through timely communication with Inspur, on the one hand, the spare parts provided by Inspur can be used to temporarily replace the operation, on the other hand, it can also carry out troubleshooting as soon as possible. "So far, there has been no case that the business operation of the enterprise has been affected by the failure of Inspur products."

three requirements for it manufacturers

starting from the construction of the enterprise, Hu Wei puts forward three requirements for it manufacturers. First of all, in the information construction, the concept and application ability of enterprise employees are the most basic factors. However, as enterprises have little experience in information technology, it is hoped that it manufacturers can help enterprises more in employee training, which will also help enterprises recognize manufacturers. Secondly, every information system is closely related to the business of the enterprise. Therefore, the project developers and after-sales service personnel of IT manufacturers need to have a clear understanding of the business of the enterprise, so as to meet the needs of the enterprise to the greatest extent. Finally, the products and technologies provided by it manufacturers must be integrated into the actual business applications of enterprises. Although many products are standardized products, enterprises also hope that manufacturers can reflect the personalized requirements of some enterprises in product design


Dalian Xinchuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., located in the harbor of Dalian, is a domestic large modern ship assembly enterprise subordinate to China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. It is one of the super large enterprises approved by the state and the export base of large ships. It is also the first shipbuilding enterprise in China to design and build 300000 ton ships. Its comprehensive strength is second to none among China's shipbuilding enterprises. (end)

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