Technical measures to prevent turbine Bush burning

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Technical measures to prevent turbine Bush burning accident

1 after unit maintenance or before unit startup during startup

1.1 after unit maintenance, before oil filling of oil cooler and operation of oil system, the oil level of each oil tank shall meet the requirements of the specification, and the elongation of standard tensile sample shall be displayed by each cold extensometer or strain gauge. After oil filling of oil cooler, open the inlet and outlet throttle of oil cooler

1.2 it is forbidden to start the unit when the oil quality is unqualified or the oil temperature is lower than 35 ℃

1.3 the DC power supply system of the DC oil pump shall have sufficient capacity (at least meet the rated load of the pump for more than 60 minutes), and its fuses at all levels shall be reasonably configured. In case of unit failure, the fuse shall not be blown to make the DC oil pump lose power. The AC oil pump shall have a standby power supply that can be switched on automatically

1.4 when any oil pump works abnormally, it is forbidden to start the unit

1.5 after the oil system is put into operation, the oil level gauge, oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge and relevant signal devices shall be carefully checked, and the installation shall be complete and the indication shall be correct. When the turbine speed reaches 200r/min or the lubricating oil pressure is 0.03mpa, check that the low oil pressure protection is automatically put into operation

1.6 turn on the turning gear throttle and jacking oil pump before putting the turning gear into service. After overhaul, confirm that the jacking height of the main shaft is 0.06mm ~ 0.1mm

1.7 when the unit is started, the grade 3 ribbed steel bar is added with microalloyed element vanadium or niobium on the basis of 20MnSi steel. During the process, the oil temperature shall be adjusted in time, and it is strictly prohibited to swing the oil temperature greatly

2. The unit is in operation

2.1 during operation, the oil system shall be switched (such as oil cooler, auxiliary oil pump, filter, etc.), and the operation must be carried out according to the operation standard under the supervision of the engine group leader. During the operation, the air must be exhausted and the change of lubricating oil pressure must be closely monitored

2.2 start and stop test of auxiliary oil pump shall be conducted once a week under the supervision of the chief engineer. After the test, the outlet valve of the standby oil pump must be open

2.3 regularly test the low oil pressure linkage. The value of lubricating oil pressure shall be subject to the bearing bush whose centerline elevation of the steam turbine is farthest from the oil cooler. When wangwanjie indicates that the pressure protection is withdrawn during operation, it must be approved by the chief engineer

2.4 the oil level of each oil tank shall be kept normal. When the oil level difference before and after the main oil tank filter reaches 100mm, the relevant departments shall be notified immediately for cleaning. The lubricating oil high-level makeup oil tank must be filled with qualified lubricating oil

2.5 keep the lubricating oil pressure between 0.096 ~ 0.123mpa

2.6 in case of any of the following conditions, stop the machine immediately

2.6.1 the temperature of thrust bearing is 107 ℃

2.6.2 the supporting bearing temperature is 113 ℃ higher

2.6.3 the bearing is smoking

2.6.4 the lubricating oil pressure is 0.06mpa low, and the DC oil pump is connected

2.6.5 the oil level in the oil tank is low - 270mm, and the oil replenishment is invalid

3. Shutdown

3.1 before the normal shutdown of the unit, each oil pump shall be tested, and the AC and DC auxiliary oil pumps shall be tested for full capacity startup and interlocking

3.2 when the unit idles to 1200r/min, check that the turning solenoid valve and jacking oil pump should be switched on automatically, otherwise, start them manually

3.3 the low oil pressure protection must be put into operation during the turning of the unit. When the AC lubricating oil pump is running, the DC oil pump shall not be out of standby

3. And arrive at the purchaser's site to repair the fault in the shortest time. 4 during the normal turning, the turning and oil circulation shall not be interrupted when the cylinder temperature is above 149 ℃. If the turning and oil circulation are stopped due to special needs, the turning and oil circulation shall be able to operate on the basis of the continuous operation of the hydraulic turbine/P

3.5 during idling or turning of the unit, closely monitor the change of seal oil pressure

4. Closely monitor the tungsten temperature and oil return temperature of thrust pad and bearing pad during unit startup, shutdown and normal operation. When the temperature exceeds the standard, it shall be handled decisively according to the procedures

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