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In the international market, natural rubber has shown signs of gradually incorporating seasonal adjustment in the peak tapping season; In the domestic market, it has been difficult to effectively increase inventory. Since May, both long and short sides have continuously increased their positions in the Shanghai Jiao 809 contract, and their positions once reached the level of 100000. With the passage of time, although the market expected the peak season of rubber cutting to come, due to abnormal weather variables, the supply of the whole market could not be effectively restored at the beginning of this year. Therefore, since late April, the international and domestic natural rubber market has witnessed an anti seasonal rise. The rise continued until June and July. Due to the low domestic rubber price in the early stage, a large number of consumer purchases were initiated to undertake the firm offer, making the inventory in the previous period once fall below 20000 tons; In late July, the stock of the exchange was still at the land volume level of 20000 tons, while the position of 809 contract remained high, causing the market to pay attention to the market. Since last week, the position of Shanghai Jiao 809 contract has begun to decline steadily. Obviously, the long and short sides in the market still made a very rational hedging move. After all, with the passage of time, the trading margin continues to increase and the holding cost continues to increase. Therefore, the long and short sides chose to leave the market, which also provides a favorable support for the smooth operation of the rubber market

natural rubber futures, due to the relatively small variety scale and the relatively single delivery target, are very easy to be concerned by funds. However, in recent years, we have seen that the market is still very rational to maintain the same trend as the international market, and the rise and fall of rubber prices are relatively consistent with the pace of the international market

looking forward to the future market development of natural rubber, driven by the favorable factors of production reduction in the production area at the beginning of this year, Tianjiao went out of the anti seasonal upward trend. In the peak season of rubber cutting, the rubber price did not fall but rose, causing huge differences in the market. Therefore, both long and short sides increased their positions one after another, resulting in a large position size in the market. But at the same time, we also see that the market is still very rational to maintain its own moderate pace of rise and fall

the global rubber market is currently at the peak of rubber tapping, and a large number of new rubber are listed in rubber producing countries every day. Because the absolute price is at a historical high, the desire of rubber producing countries to sell is very strong. There are not many good years above 3000 dollars, so the supply of the whole market is still very sufficient. With the end of this anti seasonal rally, first of all, let's say that natural rubber is expected to continue to decline in 2017. With the sharp decline in oil prices, the 10-year bull market in commodities is expected to come to an end in 2008

the global Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is the experimental machine research and development, production, sales and after-sales in one of the economic decline, making the commodity demand began to decline gradually. At the same time, the current commodity price, which has remained high in recent years, also made the supply begin to increase on a large scale. Natural rubber is no exception. The high price of rubber has begun to show signs of curbing demand. At the same time, the increasing supply may become an internal factor in the conversion of cattle and bears

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