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Check carefully! Nearly 40 printing and packaging enterprises in Longgang were forcibly shut down

On the morning of July 23, Longgang town organized environmental protection, safety supervision, municipal supervision, public security, comprehensive law enforcement, power supply and other departments to jointly carry out law enforcement actions in the printing and packaging industry. Nearly 40 printing and packaging enterprises in Longgang Chengdong Industrial Park that failed to complete the installation of environmental protection treatment equipment within the time limit were forcibly shut down

printing industry is a characteristic industry in the regional economic development of Longgang town. Since the rectification of the printing industry was carried out, Longgang town has timely started the preliminary investigation, verification and rectification warm reminder, which provided practical and effective basic information for the shutdown, confidence rectification and improvement of extruder enterprises and other follow-up work. After investigation, 927 enterprises were listed as closed down and 799 enterprises were renovated in the town, including 429 renovated and upgraded enterprises, 273 transitional production enterprises and 97 production enterprises entering the park

hundreds of enterprises have been shut down since the "clean-up action" of Cangnan County printing enterprises

since the "clean-up action" of Cangnan County printing enterprises was carried out in January this year, the suitable vehicle for long Zhong is the Russian dandelion Taraxacum Kok saghyz (TKS) post. According to the work requirements of the implementation plan for the rectification and improvement of Cangnan County printing and packaging industry, In strict accordance with the general idea of "three batches" of "shutting down and eliminating a batch, improving a batch, and gathering a batch into the park", we made every effort to promote the renovation of the printing and packaging industry, and achieved certain results. Of the 927 enterprises listed in the closure of the asymmetric fatigue test

, except for 415 printing enterprises that have been self rectified or self shut down and relocated, the remaining 512 enterprises have been forced to shut down in place. As of July 15, 490 of the 799 printing enterprises listed for renovation and upgrading had completed the installation of governance facilities, 48 had started the installation of governance equipment, and 155 had been shut down or switched to other industries

at present, there are still more than 110 enterprises in Longgang that have not completed the installation of environmental protection treatment equipment. Among them, nearly 40 printing enterprises in Longgang Chengdong Industrial Park have not been installed. The enterprises that were forced to shut down did not complete environmental protection. The valves were opened through the oil holes on the piston and the treatment equipment was installed. Most of the enterprises' factories and warehouses were littered with hazardous wastes, and the workshops were not closed for production, which made the smell pungent. Law enforcement officials said that earlier, they had repeatedly come to urge enterprises to install governance equipment, but most enterprises still took a wait-and-see attitude and did not install the corresponding VOC governance facilities

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