Russell helps AkzoNobel paint production

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Russell helps AkzoNobel paint production

Russell helps AkzoNobel paint production

June 30, 2020

russellvibrasonic ® Deblinding Systems ® Two villagers from chaoben village and neighboring villages contracted the river fish culture sonic anti blocking system to cooperate with finexseparator ™ Powerful vibrating screen greatly improves the screening efficiency of powder coating

after years of industrial structure adjustment, China's industrial coating industry has begun to show a new trend in the development of the industry after the interaction of multiple variables. VOC environmental protection in industrial coating industry has become one of the most important factors affecting the development of industrial coating industry in recent years. According to the Guiding Catalogue for industrial structure adjustment issued by the national development and Reform Commission in April 2019, environmentally friendly coatings with low VOC content have been approved. With the increasingly stringent environmental protection policies and the enhanced national awareness of environmental protection, the market demand for environmental friendly and energy-saving coatings will continue to grow, and the industrial coating processing technology is also accelerating the reform

however, coating manufacturers not only regularly update the technology of membrane materials, but also face strict environmental protection requirements. With the rise of raw material costs and labor costs, the efficiency problems in the process of coating production and processing also need to be solved urgently to maintain growth and enterprise profitability

in the production process, powder coating processing includes many steps to make raw materials go through various stages to form a "plastic" mixture. The "plastic" mixture is then cooled and decomposed into plastic fragments, which are then micronized and separated from large and fine particles by a cyclone separator. Finally, the fine powder is screened to remove foreign impurities and oversized particles formed by materials polymerized in the upstream processing process. At this stage, the powder is screened to ensure that only the powder with the correct particle size can pass the screening and enter the filling line

Figure 1: a typical powder coating manufacturing process

problems faced by traditional screening methods

in the screening process of powder coating, the fine fine fine powder has static electricity, which is easy to cause screen blockage and reduce the screening efficiency. Some manufacturers adopt the traditional method, adding nylon vibrating balls or discs to increase the powder screening efficiency. However, this method is easy to cause screen deformation, so that the development is relatively slow and nylon debris is mixed into the powder coating, which cannot ensure the powder screening efficiency and product quality

with the recent market changes, the batch size of powder coating processing is decreasing, which leads to more frequent product switching. Because it takes a lot of time to clean the equipment, resulting in a sharp increase in production downtime and costs. Traditional rotary screen and "off-line" vibrating screen cannot solve this production problem

solution: combine ultrasonic and powerful vibrating screen

russell Finex has developed the final solution for this application. By integrating russellvibrasonic ® Deblinding Systems ® Ultrasonic anti blocking system and finexseparator ™ The combination of powerful vibrating screen greatly improves the screening efficiency of powder coating

Figure 2: Finex separator powerful vibrating screen in the production line of AkzoNobel factory

russell vibrasonic ® Deblinding system ultrasonic anti blocking system transmits the ultrasonic frequency to the screen surface to break the tension and effectively prevent the friction of stainless steel screen, so as to improve the screening rate of powder. The design of the ultrasonic high-frequency vibrating screen is simple, and there is no need to disassemble and assemble tools, so as to avoid the damage of the screen or the pollution of powder coating. It can not only greatly improve the screening efficiency, but also ensure that the screen aperture is consistent in the whole screening process, so that the quality of powder coating products is consistent. Without manual operation, it can prolong the service life of the screen, reduce the downtime, reduce the loss of powder and the cost of replacing the screen, and greatly improve the production efficiency

advantages and features:

continuously improve product quality - ultrasonic clean the screen surface to prevent blocking, continuously improve the product screening capacity

increase production capacity - continuously clean the screen surface and reduce downtime

reduce loss – reduce screen damage and material loss

finex separator ™ Powerful vibrating screen is a professional vibrating screen specially designed for powder coating screening. It can not only accurately screen powder coating particles and remove impurities, but also up to 5 levels of screening and separation. The vibrating motor force of the powder coating screen can be adjusted to realize complete control of the powder and screen. Unique ease of operation, manual quick release clip, no need for any tools to quickly disassemble and clean. It is convenient for the replacement of sieves with different apertures between different product batches. This powerful vibrating screen has extremely low maintenance cost and long standby life. It is equipped with rollers for easy movement and can be moved flexibly on the production line. FinexSeparator ™ Another feature of powerful vibrating screen is its large capacity, which not only has high continuous screening efficiency, but also has strong controllability in the whole screening process. It is an ideal equipment for screening and separation equipment in powder coating industry

advantages and features:

large production capacity - greatly improve the production capacity compared with the traditional rotary vibrating screen

precise classification - up to 4 layers of sieves can be loaded to realize accurate separation of each layer

low noise - the patented rubber shock absorber reduces the noise to 69 DB

easy to operate and maintain - the indoor design makes the standard motor better than the traditional vibration device and reduces the maintenance cost

movable design - the classification screen is equipped with 4 casters, which can be moved back and forth in different workshops through pallets or forklifts

Figure 3: vibrasonic in the production line of AkzoNobel factory ® Debinding system ultrasonic anti blocking system cooperates with Finex separator ™ Bao Yuangang, manager of Aksu Changzhou factory, said, "our factory has long used Russell vibrating screening equipment, and finexseparator ™ Strong vibrating screen is our best choice for handling different batches of powder coatings. " Fan Tianjun, the production director, said, "this vibrating screen is not only large in production capacity, but also convenient and flexible to use. It is easy to operate when screening different batches of powder coatings without any tools to disassemble."

cooperate with Russell vibrasonic ® Deblinding system ultrasonic anti clogging system can reduce the particle size of powder screening to 20 microns. In order to help Chinese powder coating manufacturers survive in this growing competitive industry, Russell's professional equipment and innovative technology not only ensure product quality, but also improve production capacity, reduce costs, and ensure that manufacturers maximize profits

to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process is very important to ensure the maintenance of product quality and maximize profits

Russell Finex was founded in 1934. After 85 years of stable development, it has become a global brand of global fine screening technology. Russell is committed to designing and manufacturing vibrating screens, graders, ultrasonic anti blocking systems and liquid filters. All kinds of products are widely used in the coating industry, covering 140 countries and regions around the world

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