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Russia has invented an ultra cheap method for producing non-ferrous metals

according to Russian satellite reports, Russian chemists have developed a new method to extract copper, nickel and molybdenum from ore control system maintenance, which will help completely reduce the cost of non-ferrous metal production and improve the ecological environment of the area where the factory is located, according to the news from the Moscow Institute of iron and steel metallurgy (nustmisis), a Russian National Research University

Alexander Medvedev, Professor of the Department of nonferrous metals and gold at the Moscow Institute of iron and steel metallurgy, said: "our technology has four main advantages. First, the price is low due to reduced energy consumption; second, the degree of metal refining is high; third, this technology is more in line with the ecological standard because it avoids or significantly reduces the emission of sulfur dioxide. When the amount of sulfur dioxide is about 3 phr; fourth, the resulting products are easy to be processed into commodities."

generally speaking, the ore must be calcined first, so that sulfur becomes sulfur dioxide, and the metal oxide produced in this process can be recovered by calcining in the metallurgical furnace. However, this technology consumes too much energy and is harmful to the ecological environment. Scholars propose to adopt another ore processing method, so as to reduce energy consumption in production and avoid sulfur gaseous compounds

Medvedev said that this technology has been tested on some nickel ores and copper ores in Russia, Myanmar and Mongolia, and internal measuring devices can directly collect longitudinal and transverse deformation data, which has been introduced into production

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