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Russia formulated policies to stimulate the development of chemical fiber industry

the total output of chemical fiber in Russia is not high, and has always been hovering below 200000 tons per year. In 2007, the total output of chemical fiber and filament was 155000 tons, including 37200 tons of viscose fiber (31%), 45900 tons of polyamide fiber (39%), 31700 tons of polyester fiber (26.9%), of which 24000 tons of low-noise linear conjugate internal gear pump, 15300 tons of polyacrylonitrile fiber (13%), 24400 tons of polypropylene fiber (20.7%), polyethylene fiber and others accounted for 0.4%. The operating rate of Russian chemical fiber production is%, and the degree of equipment wear is 80%

in 2008, the government held a conference on revitalizing the textile industry in Ivanovo, the Russian textile base, and formulated a series of friction policies to stimulate the development of the industry. Russia and Belarus signed an agreement to continue to formulate the scientific and technological outline of the alliance countries for "annual modernization of processes and equipment for the production of chemical fibers, filaments, polymeric materials and composite materials". Russian industry and energy have formulated the development project of Russia's petrochemical industry before 2015. The goal is that at the end of this period, the annual output of chemical fiber production is close to 500000 tons

the above measures have led to an increase in polyester fiber and filament production in Russia. At the beginning of 2009, Russia's "Sibur voroshki" joint stock company produced polyester high modulus low shrinkage cord and polyester high-strength technical yarn in Russia for the manufacture of automobile tires. The newly-built petrochemical enterprises in the Russian Republic of Tatar have been able to produce terephthalic acid, and the large-scale production of ethylene glycol monomer is carried out in "lower kamsk petrochemical" joint stock company. The investment project of producing polyester cord fabric and high-strength technical yarn of Russia's "Sibur Russian tire" holding company was put into operation in September 2009, with an annual output of 12000 tons. It is being pre sold, so that the enterprise capital can be doubled, and the demand for polyester cord fabric of each tire factory of the holding company can be fully met. Russia's "Village chemical fiber" joint stock company successfully produced polyester staple fibers with a linear density of 3.3-8.7dtex, which can be dyed into several colors. Bottle grade chips are also used to produce polyester bottles, with an annual output of 5000 tons. The joint-stock company of "yelabushsky polymer reinforced fabric factory" invests in the project of "polyester yarn and its technical fabric production", which plans to produce 12000 tons of high modulus and low shrinkage cord yarn and high-strength technical yarn annually to produce tire cord fabric, conveyor belt, tent, geotextile, etc. In Ivanovo state, Russian "European flake" company and Indonesian "jndoramq" chemical holding company signed a letter of intent with the state government to build a project with an annual output of 700000 tons of terephthalic acid and 200000 tons of polyester. Ivanovo state has formulated plans to expand chemical fiber production, including the construction of new plants, which are first used to produce polyester fiber, and the use of "dead goods" equipment that has been idle for a long time in the warehouse of Kursk "chemical fiber" joint stock company to create an imported equipment base for polyester fiber production in Ivanovo region

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