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Russia builds Asia's largest cloud computing data center

recently, the diversified mining, metal and energy enterprise en+ group of Russia signed a framework agreement on jointly establishing Asia's largest cloud computing data center and supporting facilities with Huawei, CICC Data Systems Co., Ltd., Russian lanit group and the Irkutsk regional government in Beijing

the project plan is equipped with eye-catching warning signs such as "high voltage danger", "no admittance" and so on; From 2018 to 2024, we will expand a data center with 1800 frames with slightly reduced efficiency to 8000 frames. After the expansion is completed, it can meet about 1% of the total demand of cloud computing market in the countries of the Silk Road Economic Belt. The budget of the first phase of the project is 55million, and the construction budget of the second phase is more than 300million. The partners plan to use their own funds and the project funds provided by the Bank of China and funds in 1979 to finance the data center

at present, the project has been included in the BRICs 2020 trade, economic and investment cooperation blueprint. It is understood that the data center will provide high-tech IT services for the Russian and Asian markets, mainly including cloud services, high-performance computing and big data analysis systems in China. En+ group will supply power to the data center through its power plant in Irkutsk region, and also provide site selection for the construction of the data center. Huawei will provide the equipment needed by the data center and help attract Asian users. CICC data system will be the first anchor customer. Lanit group will act as a joint investor, system integrator and help attract Russian users. The Irkutsk regional government will act as a joint investor in the infrastructure construction of the data center, and provide assistance from the state government to the data center within the framework of the accelerated development plan for eastern Siberia adopted by Russia. Maxim sokov, CEO of en+ group, said: the data center construction project is a new stage of cooperation between the group and Chinese companies. Low cost electricity combined with the cold climate in eastern Siberia to reduce cooling costs will make the data center more competitive in the rapidly developing Asian market

the data center project will promote the economic growth of Irkutsk region and further strengthen the relationship between Russia and China. Wan Biao, general manager of Huawei Russia, said: this project is Huawei's largest project in the field of Russian data centers. We are happy to apply our knowledge and experience in global operations to the Russian market. Sergey eroshchenko, acting governor of Irkutsk region, said: there are great potential opportunities for development and cooperation between Irkutsk region and China, especially in the field of equipment production and efficient technology. Irkutsk regional development company will participate in the construction of the data center as a partner

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