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Is it better to run fast than steady on the smart home track

yiou home recently interviewed zhujungang, the founder and President of Nanjing IOT Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as IOT sensing), to briefly introduce IOT sensing, a provider of smart home IOT equipment and solutions registered in 2009. At present, its products include intelligent switches, sockets, bulbs, door locks, cameras, sensors, controllers and other products and equipment. Based on products, Do the IOT control system integration scheme in the field of family and industry

in addition, IOT sensor is also one of the members of the board of directors of ZigBee alliance. At the ZigBee alliance official, we saw that the Kang transfer switch should be turned to the "load" position. Custer, Legrand, NXP semiconductor, Philips, Schneider, smartthings, Texas Instruments, France's Shang Fei, Amazon, Huawei and other enterprises involved in smart home are represented. ZigBee is a wireless communication technology with low power consumption, good stability, self-organization and strong carrying capacity, It is widely used in the smart home industry

era of smart home "Shanzhai machine"

talking about the current situation of the smart home industry, Zhu Jungang believes that it is somewhat similar to the era when Shanzhai machines were rampant. Most users are very early non professional users, and many consumers are also the first time to contact smart home products. After using them, they may find that the experience is poor, and there are many problems, which make them mistakenly believe that this industry is like this, which is an urgent problem to be changed

"For example, after Android came out, many software Trojans and viruses often led to crashes. Users believed that this was the reason why Japanese injection machine manufacturers hoped to use this kind of carbon fiber composite processing technology with lower cost to manufacture carbon fiber composite materials. But later, with apple, everyone knew that intelligence could not be Android and could be better. Today, you can find 100000 or even 1million enterprises in this market We need to make smart home products, but it's really not easy to do smart home well. We have learned a lot from our ten-year exploration. " Zhu Jungang said

many consumers have no comparable reference objects when they first contact smart home products, and they don't know how to compare them. The intuitive reference factors may only be to see the star endorsement, advertising or friend introduction of a certain manufacturer, but sometimes the publicity and market hype can't represent quality and experience, and many times it's even completely two things

according to Zhu Jungang, at present, there are great genetic differences among all kinds of players in the smart home industry. Laymen watch the excitement, and insiders watch the doorway. The first category is companies that prefer tovc, which are good at packaging design hype concepts; The second kind is marketing companies, which focus on marketing, but many products are actually looking for OEM to imitate and paste their own brands; The third category is technology driven companies, which are the main force of industry development

Zhu Jungang said to yiou home that at present, the smart home industry is mixed, but the essence still needs to look at the problem from a technical perspective. Solid technology and services are the core key, and excessive publicity and commercial marketing are of little significance. He used the car as an example. If the technology is not qualified, even if the car can accelerate at once, the wheels will fly off and even the whole car will disintegrate

for smart home enterprises, experience is accumulated around core technologies. Even if this year's scale is smaller and runs slower than others, as long as the wind comes, whoever has the most stable and reliable technology and good experience will have greater long-term development opportunities

the change of consumer awareness and the real and fake rigid demand

Zhu Jungang believes that the factor of the slow landing of smart home at present is not the price factor, but the problem of the change of consumer awareness. This is an inevitable process from 0 to 1. What many industries take for granted may be other perspectives from the perspective of ordinary consumers

"I once recommended smart door locks to my friends. Users of door locks are relatively easy to accept, and it's easy to explain the single products clearly. But the first time I told them that they didn't think it was necessary at all. The income level of these target customers is also very high, and they don't like consumption, but why are they unwilling to replace the door locks? First, it's troublesome. Second, he felt that he was used to using the keys and didn't think it was inconvenient. But try to give them to him After they install it, they will feel really convenient after using it, and then they don't want to go back to the experience of opening the door with a key anymore. They still need to change users' consumption awareness. "

Zhu Jungang said that the company has conducted a survey for this purpose. In a year, as long as a household is equipped with a smart door lock, the probability of replacing the smart door lock will reach more than 30%. If a user on the first floor of a unit building is equipped with a smart door lock, the probability of installing the smart door lock on the upper floor is more than 10%

"I feel that some things are not hyped very much. In fact, it depends on whether they are of great help to consumers in their actual life or whether they can improve their experience."

on the issue of smart home rigid demand and pseudo rigid demand, Zhu Jungang's view is that the markets in other regions are performing well. He believes that rigid demand is not static, and rigid demand will also change with the change of living standards, the progress of social ideas and the development of technology. Today's pseudo rigid demand may also be the future rigid demand

just like the smart door lock, many people think that this kind of lock is not needed. Maybe it is really not needed, but after using it, it is found to be really convenient, and it has just become needed. He is unwilling to return to the experience of opening the door with a key. For example, voice control, many people seem to be absolutely pseudo rigid needs. For those elderly, disabled and patients, sometimes this interaction can really solve the inconvenience in their lives

Zhu Jungang thinks that the landing of smart home not only takes time to settle, but also needs to educate the market based on experience. Otherwise, it is definitely a pseudo rigid need for users, and consumers will not recognize it and will not buy it very much. User value must be considered from the perspective of users. The unilateral design of enterprises will inevitably lead to problems. Only by truly solving the pain points of consumers in some scenarios can we realize the value of technology

running fast is better than running steady

as for the variables of the smart home industry, Zhu Jungang believes that in addition to technical factors, government policies may also form a driving force, such as promoting the smart decoration of real estate. From the perspective of managers, the smart data of real estate is actually very helpful to the management of the whole society

the smart home industry should be treated dynamically and added dynamically, because smart home is not only today's presentation form, but also has rich connotation. First of all, it will greatly promote the computing power of edge devices, and will promote the development of innovative devices that are really suitable for 5g or newer technologies in the future. Smart home is an industry that will continue to iterate with the development of technology, Today's so-called smart home may not be called smart home in the future, but the standard configuration of the house

in addition, security is still an issue that needs to be taken seriously and paid attention to by the whole industry, which runs through the development of the whole smart home industry

"for example, many enterprises' smart locks have potential safety hazards, and the consumer association requires a recall. The lock is a key entry. If there are loopholes, it is easy to have serious social problems such as home theft or personal safety, which is still dominant in the European market. It is equivalent to no lock. If the technology does not pass the standard, it may run faster than anyone and fall faster than anyone."

"IOT is really different from Internet." Zhu Jungang said

on the smart home track, running fast is not as good as running steadily

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