Russia and Vietnam will jointly develop two large

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Russia will jointly develop two large oil and gas fields in the South China Sea with Vietnam

data figure: Vietnamese Russian frigates

according to the Global Times published on April 10, Vietnam and Gazprom recently signed an agreement on the exploitation of two large natural gas fields in the South China Sea, causing heated discussion outside

Wang lijiu, a Russian expert at the China Academy of modern international relations, told the global times on the 9th that Russia and Vietnam have many energy and military cooperation, but Russia has always made it clear that it will not "intervene" in the territorial waters belonging to China's proposition, which is a tacit "bottom line" between China and Russia

in addition, the monthly magazine of Russian strategy said on the 8th that the head of the manipulator of Russia's foreign economy and international cooperation in order to open up new customer relations is composed of 16 rods similar to the oversized sewing spool. Institute expert ganayev said that the South China Sea region has rich resources, but Russia should not fall into the South China Sea dispute, should not deteriorate its relations with China because of this dispute, but should cooperate with China

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