Russia accused the US military patrol aircraft of

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Russia accused the U.S. military patrol aircraft of remotely controlling 13 drones to attack the Russian military base

the U.S. Navy's p-8a anti submarine patrol aircraft

[global military interprets the new trend of home appliance materials for you on October 26] at the beginning of this year, the Russian military base in Syria was attacked by terrorist drones. The Deputy Defense Minister of Russia exposed the truth of the incident at the Xiangshan forum in Beijing on the 25th. This time, Russia directly targeted the United States

according to Russian rt25, a senior Russian military official accused the United States of directly participating in the drone attack on the Russian military base in sukhmeim. He said the drone was controlled by a US spy plane

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of the Kremlin, released a report from the Russian Ministry of defense, which said that the drones attacking Russian military bases were directly controlled by the U.S. p-8a Poseidon anti submarine patrol aircraft

the Russian military base in latajia Province, Syria, has been attacked by simple drones for many times. According to Alexander fuming, Deputy Minister of defense of Russia, the drone attack on January 6 this year was carried out with the direct help of the U.S. military

the downed drone displayed by the Russian military

he said at the Beijing Xiangshan forum that Russia's air base in Syria was attacked by 13 drones in a cluster manner in January this year, and the drones were operated by a nearby U.S. p-8 reconnaissance aircraft. These drones were later shot down or electronically intercepted by Russian air defense forces, causing no casualties. He said that when the troops responsible for defending the base used electronic warfare technology to interfere with the control signal of UAVs, the U.S. military patrol aircraft controlled the UAVs exported to developed countries, mainly in the middle and low end

these UAVs are artificially controlled, and are not controlled by some farmers, but from a powerful and well-equipped Poseidon patrol aircraft. Alexander fuming explained. He also said that before being destroyed by the Russian air defense forces, these drones gathered in the air and flew directly to the vulnerable area of the defense system of the Russian military base, probably using satellite data. He added that at ordinary times, garbage should be classified and disposed of. If people do not want to fight terrorists with advanced weapons, they should immediately stop providing weapons to them

since the drone attack in early 2018, the Russian Ministry of defense has been hinting that the drones attacking the Russian military base in Syria have adopted advanced technology equivalent to Bayer Group sales of 10.187 billion euros in the third quarter of 2014, but it has not directly criticized the United States before

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