Russia and Turkey resume economic and trade and re

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Russia and Turkey resume economic and trade, restart natural gas projects

President Putin and Turkish President Erdogan held talks in St. Petersburg on the 9th. The two sides agreed to repair bilateral relations, and decided to resume economic and trade exchanges and restart natural gas pipeline construction projects

Putin and Erdogan met jointly after the talks. Putin said that the St. Petersburg talks are of great significance for the future development of Russia Turkey relations. Now the urgent issue that needs to be prioritized is to raise the bilateral relations to the pre crisis level. Russia will gradually withdraw the measures previously taken to prohibit the export of Turkish goods to Russia and restrict Turkish companies from conducting business in Russia. In addition, the two sides have agreed to implement the "Turkish flow" natural gas pipeline and the construction project of Turkey's first nuclear power plant

Putin said that Turkmenistan has completed the main approval work for the implementation of the "Turkish flow" project, and other relevant issues were also discussed in the talks. The first phase of the "Turkish flow" natural gas pipeline project will start in the near future. In addition, Russian tourists' chartered flights to Turkey will also resume soon. He said that the Turkish visa issue to Russia will also be resolved, which is related to economic cooperation

Putin said that Russia Turkey relations have experienced a very difficult period. The supreme interests of Russia and Turkey require the restoration of bilateral relations

Erdogan said that thanks to the political will of the Turkish Russian head of state and the assistance of all sectors of society in the two countries, the Turkish Russian relations have been improved. He said that the talks were fruitful and the development of Turkey Russia relations was more stable. In order to maintain regional stability, such as the limitation of the diameter of the chuck that can hold the sample, Turkey and Russia should give full play to the potential of the development of bilateral relations, which will help the two countries deal with possible regional crises in the future, "naskar explained

Erdogan also confirmed that he would restart the Turkish Russian energy project, and said that accelerating the implementation of the "Turkish flow" natural gas pipeline project is one of the important topics

Russian energy minister Novak told the media after the Russian Turkish president's meeting that Turkmenistan has confirmed its willingness to implement the "Turkish flow" project and has drafted an intergovernmental agreement to implement the project

Russian Minister of economic development ulykayev also told the media that the Turkish Russian commodity trade will return to the scale before the deterioration of bilateral relations within two years. He also revealed that in the talks jointly attended by the two heads of state and officials, the issue of compensation for the shooting down of Russian warplanes by Turkey was not mentioned

according to RIA Novosti, "Turkish flow" is a natural gas pipeline project proposed by Russia and Turkey since 2014. According to the plan, the pipeline has four lines, with an annual total gas supply of 63billion cubic meters, some of which can supply gas to Southeast European countries

in November last year, Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24 fighter plane on a mission in Syria, causing the material performance to fall, resulting in the sudden deterioration of Russian Turkish Relations, and Russia took a series of sanctions against Turkey. At the end of June this year, Erdogan sent a letter to Putin apologizing for the shooting down of Russian warplanes. Relations between the two countries began to thaw, and Russia gradually lifted sanctions against Turkey

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