Sets the rotation center of the object

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Set the rotation center of the object

the orientation of the object is the oblique axis diagram by default, but all electrical components can meet the relevant moisture-proof and safety protection level standards and can be modified into isometric diagram or user-defined view. The default rotation center of the model is the center of the model. Use the following procedure to modify this center so that it can be located at any point on the screen. Click view orientation reorient6. Change angle minimum reading value: 0.1 ° t. Select preferences from the type list in the orientation dialog box. From the spincenter in the options section, select one of the following options: modelcenter screen center point or vertex - select a point or vertex on the object. Edgeoraxis - select an edge or axis on the object. Coordinate system - select a coordinate system on the object. Under "view origin", use "default" or "custom" to select the default parts of the drawing, such as sudden changes in the shape of metal components, external nicks or internal defects, or customize the view, and use the "select" menu to select the reference object for the view origin. Select the user-defined (default) or "isometric" direction, and select the "default" or "user-defined" Y direction. To name, set, save, or delete a view, click the arrow triangle to the left of saved views and use one of the following options: save - type a name for the current view in the name text box and click Save to save the current view. Set - select a name from the list and click set to display the selected view. Delete - select a name from the list and click Delete to delete the selected view. Click OK to accept the orientation change and close the dialog box, or undo to undo the orientation change and start over, or cancel to discard the change in the center of rotation and close the dialog box. You can also set orientation using the profile option orientation

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