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Dongjing group: smart operation creates profit miracle Guide: Zhejiang Dongjing Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongjing group) is a level ruler manufacturer with the largest production scale in the world, the most advanced domestic manufacturing technology and perfect testing technology. Dongjing group is a long-term information partner of Dingjie software. Since 2003, with the great assistance of Dingjie, Dongjing

Zhejiang Dongjing Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongjing group") is a level ruler manufacturer with the largest production scale in the world, the most advanced manufacturing technology and perfect testing technology in China. Dongjing group is a long-term informatization partner of Dingjie software. Since 2003, with the strong assistance of Dingjie, Dongjing group has successfully expanded its huge informatization territory from ERP implementation to integrated application. In this process, with the continuous change and deepening of the application value of informatization, Dongjing group is also getting closer to the intelligent operation and management mode

before starting the information construction, Dongjing group was faced with the continuous expansion of inventory, but it was still insufficient, and more and more materials were stored; How to eliminate material waste; How to quickly match resources with sales orders; How to master the production progress in time; How to effectively control the risk of personnel turnover; There are many management problems, such as inaccurate financial cost accounting statistics, high statistical cost and lag

now, through long-term optimization and deepening application, Dongjing group has significantly improved its production capacity, supply capacity and customer management ability, which are better than the original go film in terms of mechanical performance and product management ability, and comprehensively presents the shining point of intelligent management

I. order management

receive orders at any time and deliver them on time. The fulfillment rate of order delivery was increased by 30%, effectively supporting the growth of enterprise performance

II. Inventory management

◆ inventory accuracy: quickly analyze, excavate and clean up inventory, timely deal with sluggish inventory, and the inventory accuracy has reached more than 98%; The shortage of materials decreased significantly from the original average of 23.35% to 3.48%

◆ inventory control: purchase requisition and purchase according to the quantity, and the warehouse checks the purchase receipt. Three months after the ERP system went online and the "weight reduction" effect of non-metallic materials such as engineering plastics was obvious, the inventory amount of the enterprise immediately decreased by 15.8 million

III. workshop management

realize the integration of planning, production and material return management, and realize flexible management by relying on the planning control mode of ERP platform. In the past, 65 machines were started up 24 hours. In the same situation, 34 machines were started up 11 hours after the implementation of ERP. The electricity bill alone has been reduced by 100000 kwh, and the overall cost has been reduced by 50%

IV. process management

control the workshop operation process through the process system, record the completion status of each process, effectively evaluate the production performance, and control the production process and exceptions. Achieve "zero" scrap of products and "zero" inventory of production lines

v. mold management

manage all molds as materials, implement inventory and location management, monitor mold quality and mold repair efficiency, effectively cooperate with the implementation of production plans, and ensure that the fulfillment rate of order delivery is more than 90%, about 30% higher than before

VI. cost control

establish a rapid quotation system to quickly evaluate whether the order is profitable or not in the process of receiving the order, and finally accurately determine whether to accept the order. In addition, by implementing refined cost control and strictly controlling costs and expenses, Dongjing group achieved a net profit margin of 20% in 2011, significantly higher than the general manufacturing net profit of 3%-5%

at the same time, Dingjie also helped Dongjing group timely conduct comprehensive sales analysis, such as customer ABC analysis, product ABC analysis, salesman ABC analysis, etc., to enlarge the revenue of advantageous products, effectively control the products with insufficient competitiveness, and timely sort out the customers with little value, so as to further expand the profit growth space

when the average profit margin of the industry was only 3%, Dongjing group created a miracle of 20% profit margin, which reflected the management wisdom of coal and steel companies, which still had difficulties in reducing production capacity and had numerous long-term enterprises. Over the past decade, Dingjie has been helping enterprises to achieve a comprehensive diagnosis of operation management and a real understanding of the value of informatization, and during this period, it has excavated and accumulated the management wisdom of output, which is shared with enterprises through value services

in the process of manufacturing management services in recent 30 years, Dingjie has accumulated a number of real cases of enterprise intelligent operation, which not only reflects the application benefits of ERP, but also extracts all kinds of wisdom in the whole operation process. We can see that these enterprises have successfully improved their competitiveness in a short time through profit enhancement or efficient production. It is not all the credit of informatization, but the strong support of intelligent operation

in the future, Dingjie hopes to have the opportunity to help more manufacturing enterprises comprehensively diagnose and deepen their understanding of management value. Through the constantly improving value service system, Dingjie will dig deep into the management wisdom that enterprises "can't see" in their daily operations and truly realize intelligent operation

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