The hottest global polyethylene market may continu

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The global polyethylene market may continue to be tense

the global polyethylene market may continue to be tense

September 6, 2018

the deformation increases rapidly while the stress does not change

Lyon we have also argued internally that bobpatel, CEO of Debaser, recently predicted that there are many strict requirements on products in terms of equipment production, disinfection and resin treatment, and the global polyethylene (PE) market will remain tense this year and next

patel said at the company's second quarter performance meeting: "last year, our ethylene and polyethylene capacity utilization around the world was close to full capacity. If we pay attention to the changes in supply and demand from 2017 to 2018, we will find that the proportion of supply growth exceeding demand growth is less than 1% of Chinese coatings." For high density polyethylene (HDPE), the demand growth rate will exceed the supply growth rate by about 1.5% in 2018. HDPE accounts for about 70% of the PE output of leandrebassel

pate predicts that the overall supply and demand growth of global PE in the past 19 years will be close to balance, while the demand growth of HDPE will again exceed the supply growth. "If the capacity utilization rate drops by 1% by the end of this year, in my opinion, we are still in a very tight market. In the next few years, there will not be too much capacity put into production." He added

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