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For the current door and window profession, the rise of domestic big home occupation undoubtedly gives the door and window profession a new opportunity. However, because most domestic door and window manufacturers are small and medium-sized companies, they are relatively inexperienced in skills and capital. Therefore, domestic door and window manufacturers need to move steadily when carrying out large home furnishings

is the opportunity for door and window manufacturers to enter the big home occupation really sophisticated

in the past 2015, major domestic home furnishing companies have made numerous plans for big home strategies, and representatives of the Pan home industry alliance, such as the Champions League, have also emphasized the concept of big home on many occasions, which undoubtedly makes big home one of the hottest topics at the moment. This is undoubtedly a new opportunity for China's door and window industry, which is in the development stage. However, at present, most of China's door and window manufacturers are small and medium-sized companies, and they are not sophisticated in skills, services, capital integration and other aspects. Therefore, the big home strategy of door and window manufacturers is within their reach

the so-called one-stop service is essentially the integration and combination of services. As long as customers have needs, once entering a service site, all queries can be handled. As home decoration has increasingly become a necessity for consumers, the process of constantly finding goods, negotiating prices and signing agreements in the decoration process also makes consumers feel more cumbersome. Because of this "pain point" of consumers, many home furnishing companies have seen the commercial potential of big home furnishings, including some door and window manufacturers. Facing the upsurge of home furnishing, many door and window manufacturers are gearing up, but is the opportunity really sophisticated

big home is fast meat, but is it the "dish" of the company after all? China's overall door and window industry has been developing for more than ten years, and has also presented a large number of excellent door and window manufacturers, not to mention powerful big brands. However, it is a pity that more door and window manufacturers still stay in the period of brand construction, lack of talent reserves, low innovation level, and development skills are far behind the world, making it difficult to have the strength to compete with big home furnishings. On the one hand, it cannot support the cross-border of commodities, on the other hand, it cannot provide a full set of one-stop service talents and skills. Therefore, for most door and window manufacturers, although big home is a piece of good meat, no one is sure whether it is their "dish"

of course, it can't be done now, it doesn't mean it can't be done in the future. It needs to give the company a moment to get its own "dish" quickly, accurately and stably. What door and window manufacturers should do now is to constantly cultivate their internal skills, so that they have the strength to meet the big home

first of all, commodities are the foundation, and innovation is the key. No matter when, door and window manufacturers must put their products at the top of the list. In addition to ensuring the quality of doors and windows, they should also adapt to the trend and create green and healthy doors and windows and smart doors and windows. Only in this way can we win the favor of consumers and win a place in this white hot competition mall

secondly, create brands. Looking at all professions, in a certain period of time, the company's competition will become a brand competition. Pepsi and Coca Cola, JDB and Wong Laoji, their competitions are not simple competitions between two bottles of drinks, but more competitions between the two major brands on the back. As long as door and window manufacturers create a successful brand, it will be easier to complete cross-border operations in the future

in short, for the door and window industry, big home is not a fast-moving product, and the development of big home door and window manufacturers also needs strong strength to support. Therefore, for door and window manufacturers, it is necessary to do what they can to carry out large home furnishings, and never aim too high

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