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Wei Jianguo: low-end manufacturing is not equal to low-end backward production capacity. On April 1, in the "crisis dialogue" column of Phoenix finance and economics, Wei Jianguo, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce and vice president of the China Center for international economic exchange, pointed out that China is the only country in the world that has all the industrial categories in the United Nations Industrial Classification, which is China's advantage, but some people believe that the manufacturing industry with low cost and heavy labor should be eliminated

the COVID-19 is a historical event that affects the world and profoundly affects and changes the world order and global economic pattern, but it also exposes many deficiencies in China's industrial chain and supply chain

In fact, it was suddenly found in the COVID-19 that low-end products such as masks played an irreplaceable role when customers purchased hydraulic universal testing machines in China. What is elimination? If the mask is eliminated, it will be over this time. Wei Jianguo emphasized

Wei Jianguo pointed out that although the global epidemic is a disaster, after the epidemic is controlled, the control and data processing software with windows as the operation interface can turn the crisis into an opportunity, take advantage of the strength, and increase the supply side reform. The biggest goal of supply side reform is to achieve the highest production efficiency, profit and lowest cost, eliminate those ineffective and inefficient, and leave those efficient and environmental friendly industries behind. But it is not to turn some high-end things into masks and disinfectants through the epidemic. Wei Jianguo reminded

Wei Jianguo stressed that in the past few years, many places in China regard low-end manufacturing as a scourge, and are determined to eliminate low-end manufacturing and turn to high-end industries or financial businesses. China should reflect on what is low-end manufacturing. Low-end manufacturing is not equal to low-end backward production capacity. Instead, we should take a step forward and let China's advanced manufacturing industry take this opportunity to improve, which is crucial to the next step of the global supply chain, production chain and service chain

the COVID-19 has exposed three major deficiencies in China's industrial chain and supply chain: first, from a domestic perspective, the regional advantages of the top 10 industrial clusters are not fully played. In the process of resumption of work and production, the upstream and downstream industrial chains are uncoordinated and out of sync. Second, from an international perspective, China's industrial chain and supply chain are not in line with the international industrial chain, matching is not enough, and the financing and coordination need to be improved. Third, there is insufficient innovation in the core areas of China's manufacturing industry, especially the key core technologies are all cut off by foreign countries, subject to outsiders, and the manufacturing industry chain and supply chain have not formed a closed-loop operation

Wei Jianguo believes that in the global fight against the COVID-19, the problems in China's industrial chain and supply chain do not lie in the low-end and high-end of the shining and gorgeous manufacturing industry, but in the openness, stability and security of the industrial chain and supply chain. At present, the eastward shift of global supply chain, industrial chain and service chain is the general trend and cannot be stopped. After the COVID-19, there will be four eastward shifts in the global supply chain: the eastward shift of high-end industries, technological capital, high-end services and high-end talents. It can be predicted that the COVID-19 will bring great changes to the world's industrial division of labor: the demand for globalization will be more urgent than ever, the configuration of the global industrial chain will change significantly, and China's role in the global supply, production and service chain will be further highlighted

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