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Weichai and kaiaobaoli jointly led the forklift "off-road three stages"

Weichai and kaiaobaoli jointly led the forklift "off-road three stages"

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on January 15, 2016, the flags were flying in Weichai Industrial Park, and kaiaobaoli 2016 annual dealer conference was held here

last year, the global economy continued to be sluggish, but Baoli maintained a high-speed growth, with domestic orders increasing by 10%. Among them, the forklift equipped with Weichai engine made a great contribution and established a good reputation among customers

from April 1st, 2016, the manufacturing and sales of non road machinery must meet the non road phase III emission requirements. China's Plastic Extruders actively explore emerging markets, which will undoubtedly become a favorable opportunity for Weichai and Baoli to jointly rewrite the forklift market. Weichai has a full range of engine products that meet the emission standards. WP should also see whether there is room for upgrading the spring fatigue testing machine. 2.7, wp3.2, wp4.1 engines can meet the power requirements of Baoli ton forklift. Most forklifts operate at low speed. Weichai's engine has high torque, sufficient power, low fuel consumption, a B10 life of 20000h, and a full range of products have an oil change period of 500 hours, which will undoubtedly become the key factors to attract forklift customers

in 2016, Baoli will focus on recommending upgraded W6 series and D series high-pressure common rail diesel forklifts to customers. The upgraded W6 series configuration will greatly improve people's living standards. Weichai wp3.2 (VE pump) engine meets the three-stage off-road emissions. The engine has large displacement, large torque, low fuel consumption, and multi-stage fuel filtration system to improve the fuel adaptability of the whole machine. D series forklift truck is matched with Weichai wp2.7 (high pressure common rail) engine to meet the three-stage off-road emissions. Weichai high-pressure common rail technology has lasted for 14 years, with 1million products, more uniform combustion, low smoke, low noise, strong power, and good vehicle comfort

at the meeting, Li Shaohua, vice president of Weichai Power, said that in 2016, Weichai would strengthen its strategic partnership with Baoli forklift from three aspects: products, marketing and service support. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the three-stage upgrading of off-road products, Weichai products have pushed through the old and brought forth the new, creating forklift wp3.2 and wp4.1 series engines, which not only maintain the cost advantage of products, but also improve the power of products. At the same time, Weichai will cooperate with OEMs and dealers to carry out market promotion activities to improve the brand image. Weichai's service stations all over the country will provide high-quality after-sales service support for the design of Bao material formula Li forklift truck and escort product sales

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