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Weekly review of U.S. vcm/edc: VCM demand is strong, EDC pays attention to downstream

U.S. vcm/edc


U.S. Gulf export price (USD/ton)

FOB U.S. Gulf delivery price (cents/pound)


15 00


38.. 75

American EDC and VCM: pay attention to PVC export

e, and do a good job of beam zigzag experiment at the same time. DC: in recent weeks, the PVC export market has driven domestic demand strongly, but due to the impact of high logistics and prices, the PVC export market is weak. EDC traders and manufacturers still pay close attention to parts with mechanical properties equal to thermosetting materials. Market participants are worried that the weakness of PVC market will lead to the weakness of EDC market. The price is stable this week, and CFR Asia is discussed at $450. Considering the freight of $70/ton, the FOB US Gulf price is $380/ton. High oil prices and high ethane prices supported EDC's strength. Upstream, it rose slightly, and the final transaction price was 47.5 cents/pound

vcm: VCM demand is strong this week, similar to the upstream. Market participants continue to worry about the recent market weakness due to the size, location, nature and quantity of defects. At present, the market supply is tight, and it is difficult to determine how long it will last. Although there was no spot transaction this week, many foreign goods entered the market. A shipment of 3600 tons entered France from Amsterdam and another shipment of 5000 tons. This week's spot valuation was the same as last week. In the US dollar/ton FOB US Gulf, the contract price was stable at 38 5 cents/pound delivery price

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