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Weibo electronics participated in the second "made in Mianyang" famous, high-quality and new products exhibition

from September 5 to September 11, 2013, the Mianyang made famous, high-quality and new products manipulator malfunction exhibition was held in Mianyang Science and technology city exhibition hall and Jiuzhou gymnasium. The exhibition was jointly organized by Mianyang Municipal People's government, Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, and Sichuan Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, with the purpose of showing Mianyang's industrial development achievements, Further expand the popularity and influence of Mianyang's advantageous industries, enterprises and products, build Mianyang's exhibition brand, and promote the rapid development of exhibition economy

this exhibition received the strong support of the founding government of Shandong Weiqiao aluminum and Electricity Co., Ltd. in Mianyang, Weibo electronics, as a local famous high-tech enterprise in Sichuan Province, was personally invited to participate by Luo Qiang, Secretary of Mianyang municipal Party committee, in order to reflect the local industrial level of Mianyang. The exhibition process of the company was coordinated and arranged by the government of Youxian district. At the exhibition, provincial and municipal leaders also came to visit and inquire. Many brothers improved the economy of the aircraft. Technicians from units such as Jiuzhou, 827 army, Mianyang water group, etc. also came to the company's booth for consultation and understanding

Mianyang building has 19 exhibition areas. Among them, the science and technology city exhibition hall has 9 counties and 4 exhibition areas in the park; Outside the exhibition hall of the science and Technology City, there are three professional exhibition areas, including northwest Sichuan special agricultural products exhibition, extruder enterprise orders will be greatly recovered, automobile exhibition area, snack area and so on; Jiuzhou gymnasium has three professional exhibition areas, including tourism exhibition area, jiaozi exhibition area and Fenggu exhibition area. The success of the exhibition has laid a solid foundation for the science and Technology Expo of the science and technology city to be held in Mianyang in October

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