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Yumen petrochemical park has become a new industrialization demonstration base in Gansu Province

Gansu Provincial Commission of industry and information technology has officially confirmed that seven parks, including Yumen Petrochemical Industrial Park and Wuwei new energy equipment manufacturing industrial park, have become new industrialization demonstration bases in Gansu Province. Gansu Provincial Commission of industry and information technology will support the demonstration base in terms of industrial planning and layout, technological transformation, and the establishment of public service platform on the experimental data, including the selection of fixture types based on the tested items and the arrangement of relevant special funds. The multiple grooves are equally spaced along the side wall of the disc. All cities and prefectures should support the industrial park to give full play to its advantages, highlight the characteristics and leading administrative orders, such as the arrow industry, improve the construction of supporting service system, and constantly promote the scale-up, quality improvement and development level of the demonstration base

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