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Yunhong will promote the selected series of old trees and advocate green packaging. The annual meeting of China Green company will be held in Kunming for the first time. In line with the concept of green company, Yunnan red wine industry, as a representative of excellent enterprises in Yunnan, once again takes the lead in setting an example, becoming a green environmental protection enterprise, and achieving green in the whole series of planting, packaging and production. In addition to adhering to the ancient green planting method, the Yunnan red and old tree selection series, which will be fully unveiled after May Day, advocates for the first time to remove excess packaging and truly return to wine quality. Green Yunnan red Yunnan red has gone out of Yunnan and gone international with its unique plateau red characteristics. Although it has been polished in the market for decades, the green advocated by Yunnan red from beginning to end has always been a loyal partner of Yunnan red. Green Yunnan red emphasizes the concept of return and environmental protection that Yunnan red has been advocating and advocating. For more than a decade, Yunnan red has been striving to be green in the whole chain of planting, production and packaging. The most powerful evidence comes from that Yunnan red still retains the ancient and original planting method of the 1950s. In July and August every year, Yunnan red will usher in the season of grape purchase, which is the first region in the world to purchase new grapes with the increasing level of modern production equipment. Moreover, Yunnan red grapes grow in strict accordance with the natural solar terms, never using chemicals to accelerate ripening or growth. The main reason is the unique climate and light on the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau. Although grapes will look a little ugly under such green farmhouse planting, in the eyes of Zhang Ning, the chief winemaker of Yunnan winery, it is this natural organic planting that is a rare return in the wine grape industry. People who have been to Yunnan red wine villa have a deep understanding that every season when grapes are ripe, the aroma of grapes will attract many small creatures. In fact, according to international regulations, only grapes planted on land that is not pesticide within 3 years can reach organic level. Yunnan red vineyards are hardly sprayed with pesticides. Even when small creatures riot, they are only treated with water retted from tobacco leaves and tobacco stems. While the planting method returns to the ancient method, Yunnan red is also leading the industry in packaging. It uses the latest technology and design to make packaging with green and pollution-free environmental protection materials. In addition to using pollution-free environmental protection materials, Yunnan red pays attention to avoiding excessive packaging, but advocates simple packaging that returns to nature. Especially after the central government proposed to be thrifty and oppose extravagance and waste, an industry insider of Yunnan red said: as a negative enterprise, Yunnan red must take the lead in making breakthroughs. But in fact, in the whole red wine market, excessive packaging has been full of it, especially in gifts and banquets. With the help of excessive packaging, some imported inferior wines have become high-end wines, and some have even sold at sky high prices. As the excessive packaging in the industry becomes more and more serious, Yunnan red deeply realizes that instead of constantly dressing wine bottles, it is better to return to nature. Simplicity is beauty. It also gives consumers the most practical things to buy, and truly appreciates the design and taste the content with heart. The Yunnan red and old tree selection series, which will be launched after May Day, has truly implemented the green advocated by Yunnan red. Old tree collection: take off the package and return to wine quality. It's worth noting. " "The current popular color trend is black white highlights. On the surface, the Yunnan red and old tree selection series, which is about to be fully launched, has taken off the layers of flashy coats wrapped outside the wine bottle, overturning the habitual thinking of selling and packaging Chinese products. In this old tree selection series, Yunnan red has invested more energy in the design of the wine bottle itself. In addition to adopting more environmentally friendly materials with higher cost, it will also use The concept with the most sense of design allows each bottle of wine to be used as a collection. An insider who witnessed the Yunnan red and old tree selection Series in advance praised that the wine bottle itself is a work of art. Remove the complicated packaging, return to simplicity, and highlight the design sense of the wine bottle itself. There is a trace that Mutong castle, one of the five most famous chateaux in Bordeaux, adopts the painting of a celebrity as the wine label pattern every year. Such a design is not only simple and environmentally friendly, but also of great collection value. With the youth of consumer groups, more and more consumers tend to choose things that are consistent with their own values and aesthetics. In fact, Yunnan red is more concerned about that it hopes to remove the redundant packaging and encourage consumers to pay more attention to the quality and function of the product itself. Yunnan has been dry for four consecutive years, and grape planting has also paid the price of reducing production. However, according to Zhang Ning, the chief winemaker of Yunnan red, the reduction of grape production is not necessarily a bad thing, which makes the remaining fruits have better quality than in previous years. Because of the self-protection ability of the grape tree, the best grapes will be preserved. The vines that could have grown 10 clusters will grow 6 or 7 clusters in dry years, so the remaining grape fruit particles will be larger, the meat will be stronger, the color will be better, and the sugar content will be higher. The sugar content is directly related to the color, aroma and taste of the wine. Therefore, the key materials, heat treatment and surface treatment will improve the quality of wine brewed in dry years. After several years of aging, the upcoming old tree selection series will be the best in recent years, in addition to the unique design sense of appearance

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