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Yulin has planned a 400 km photovoltaic industrial belt along the Great Wall. Since the "12th Five Year Plan", Yulin's new energy industry has entered the fast lane of development. Especially since last year, Yulin has taken new energy as a key investment attraction industry, and new energy investment attraction has achieved remarkable results. At present, the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of photovoltaic industry has been formulated and issued, striving to build 3million kW photovoltaic power stations by the end of the "12th Five Year Plan", forming a photovoltaic industrial belt 400 kilometers along the Great Wall. In addition, plans related to wind energy and biomass energy will also be introduced in succession

Yulin is one of the regions rich in wind and solar energy resources in China.

vigorously developing the new energy industry is conducive to improving the level of industrial development. It is of great significance for transforming the mode of economic growth, promoting the strategic adjustment of industrial structure, and building a diversified energy production system. Yulin has unique natural conditions for developing new energy based on wind and solar energy

the wind measuring tower along Yulin Great Wall is 10 meters high, with an average wind speed of about 5 meters per second. The annual effective wind force in the territory is more than 4114 hours. The density of wind power in the plain is 225 watts per square meter, and the peak can reach 425 watts

at the same time, Yulin is also one of the areas rich in solar energy resources in the country, with annual solar radiation of 5500 to 6000 megajoules per square meter and an average sunshine duration of 2600 to 2800 hours. Among them, the wind and solar energy resources in Dingbian county and Jingbian County are particularly prominent, and they have the conditions for the development and construction of large-scale wind farms and photovoltaic power stations

new energy power stations have been introduced with an installed capacity of 10.644 million KW

at present, Yulin is actively developing the new energy industry, and has formulated and issued the "12th Five Year Plan for the development of Yulin photovoltaic industry". According to the plan, by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, Yulin will plan to build a 3million kW photovoltaic power station. The layout will be transferred from the industrial park to the desert, semi desert and Coal Mine Goaf Collapse areas outside the park, and extend from Dingbian county and Jingbian County in the west to Hengshan County, Yuyang District, Shenmu county and Fugu County in the north and middle, forming a photovoltaic industrial belt 400 kilometers along the Great Wall. Through the implementation of large-scale photovoltaic power stations and other projects, we will strive to complete the investment of 100billion yuan, achieve an output value of 100billion yuan, form supporting photovoltaic equipment and auxiliary industries, and then build a "domestic first-class, world-renowned" photovoltaic industry base. In addition, plans related to wind energy and biomass energy will also be introduced in succession

last year, Yulin Municipal government also took the new energy industry as a key investment attraction industry. In a series of investment attraction activities, such as semi China photovoltaic Advisory Committee (Yulin) photovoltaic industry forum, Yulin Municipal Government (Beijing) appointment on the types and performance of investment attraction materials, Yulin Municipal Government (Xi'an) investment attraction meeting, and the second Shaanxi Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Economic week, which is related to the introduction and cooperation of the use standards and experimental process of electronic universal testing machines, A large number of photovoltaic power stations and wind power projects have been introduced. At present, Yulin has introduced 70 new energy power station projects (29 photoelectric projects and 41 wind power projects), with a total investment of 106.23 billion yuan and a total installed capacity of 10.644 million KW

a large number of new energy enterprises have settled in Yulin

in recent years, Yulin has attracted investment through investment promotion, and many home appliance companies such as Shandong Luneng, China Guodian, China Huadian, China Huaneng, China Datang, China Power Investment Group, poly Association (Hong Kong) Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. have successively invested in Yulin wind power, with a project capital of more than 5 billion yuan

at present, Yulin has built six wind power projects, including Guodian Dingbian fanshigou, Datang Dingbian Zhangjiashan, Guodian Jingbian caoshanliang, Luneng Jingbian ximawan and Huaneng Jingbian Longzhou, Qiaogou Bay wind farms, with a total installed capacity of 490000 kW

there are eight projects under construction, including the demonstration base of Huaneng Dingbian decentralized wind farm in Dingbian County, the 49500 thousand kilowatts of Chinalco Ningxia power generation phase II, which often filter out the useful signals, including watt wind power, 49500 kW wind power of Ningxia power generation group, and the third phase of Huaneng Jingbian Longzhou wind power in Jingbian County, Longyuan gaojiagou wind power phase I, and the first phase of Li Jialiang wind power of China Power Investment Corporation. The total investment of these projects is 52 billion yuan, and a total of 2.6 billion yuan has been invested

it is understood that after the completion of all the wind power station projects under construction and signed in the city, the installed capacity will reach 2.6376 million KW. According to the full load calculation, the annual power generation is equivalent to the power generation of more than 10 million tons of coal. The five intended projects are also actively carrying out the preliminary work of the project

in terms of photovoltaic industry, Jingbian County has built four solar photovoltaic power stations, Guodian, Huadian, Guohua and Shaanxi photovoltaic, with an installed capacity of 50000 kW. The solar photovoltaic power station projects under construction and not yet started include six solar photovoltaic power station projects, including 10000 kW of Jingbian Shaanxi photovoltaic industry company, 5000 kW of Huadian Group and 5000 kW of Guodian group. 17 projects with intention of agreement are also actively going through the relevant procedures in the early stage. The total investment of the project is 44.5 billion yuan, and the total investment completed is 510 million yuan. When all projects are completed, the installed capacity will reach 3.75 million KW. Zhonghua glass () Department

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