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Yunjinglin paper invested 520million yuan to practice green papermaking

in the view of Ma Ning, general manager of Yunnan yunjinglin Paper Co., Ltd., a polluting industry and an enterprise without a sense of society have no future. Only from the perspective of society, accelerating the adjustment and upgrading of traditional industrial structure can we achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the papermaking industry will have broad prospects for development. Enterprises need efficiency and profits, but they also need green mountains and green waters. Adhering to this concept, over the past 19 years, yunjinglin paper has used itself to realize the slow progress of the global cereal packaging industry, and has taken concrete actions to rewrite the image of the paper industry, a major polluter, and expand the territory of green papermaking with little green

entering the cloud forest paper company, in addition to the green garden factory, it is exciting, and there are many fish swimming in the sewage treatment outlet of the company. The impression of high energy consumption and high pollution of white paper and black water in traditional pulp and paper enterprises has been completely overturned here

in fact, the second sewage treatment can meet the standard, but the company still invests in some series of chain reactions caused by overload at the third time. As long as I send a short message of instruction, the relevant data of water quality after sewage treatment will be displayed at any time and monitored in real time. Ma Ning said

it is reported that at the beginning of its establishment, yunjinglin paper established the advanced environmental protection concept of source emission reduction, process control and end treatment. It always takes the high standard environmental protection papermaking process as the goal, continuously increases environmental protection investment, introduces international advanced equipment and technology, and integrates it into every link of production management. Yunjing 6 is a strictly controlled project to build a forest paper sewage treatment system, which is introduced from AMCO, Canada, which has world-class technology. As early as 2008, its final sewage treatment drainage index reached the new national standard three years ahead of schedule, and the COD emission concentration of the treated sewage is only 1/3 to 1/4 of the national discharge standard. At present, the environmental protection investment of Yunjing forest paper has reached 520million yuan, accounting for 19.8% of the total investment of the project, reaching the upper limit of the international reasonable investment standard for pulping and environmental protection. The annual energy saving is 54.25 million tons of standard coal, and the annual water saving is 2.5 million cubic meters. The energy consumption is at the domestic advanced level. The company also accepts the timely monitoring of the environmental protection department at any time by installing the automatic monitoring system for the discharge of waste water and waste gas pollutants

in the production, operation and management, yunjinglin paper also vigorously implements water and electricity conservation by relying on science and technology and adopting technological innovation. While the enterprise's annual production capacity is increased from 70000 tons to 110000 tons, the energy consumption of water and electricity per unit product continues to decline, which are far better than the national standards and domestic industry levels. With cleaner production, energy conservation and emission reduction, and recycling, yunjinglin paper not only implements the concept of ecological civilization of the enterprise, but also expands a broad space for the survival and development of the enterprise

because of its remarkable achievements in environmental protection over the years, yunjinglin paper has become an advanced model of safety and environmental protection in the same industry. It has been awarded the national safety culture construction demonstration enterprise and Yunnan Environmental Education Demonstration Base by the state, the advanced emission reduction enterprise in Yunnan Province during the Eleventh Five Year plan period by the provincial environmental protection department, and the winning enterprise in the national paper industry energy conservation and emission reduction meritorious competition by the National Paper Association

there is no backward industry, only backward concepts, standards and process equipment. The transformation of yunjinglin paper tells us that the scientific implementation of positive environmental protection measures will not affect economic development, but is an important focus to promote the transformation of the two high-tech industries and adjust the structure

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