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Yumen 1000 tons/day solar photovoltaic glass

project name: Yumen 1000 tons/day solar photovoltaic glass construction project

project address: Jiuquan circular economy industrial park

Investor: China Glass Holdings Co., Ltd. and meimeiyuanjing group

project background: with the rapid economic development, people's living standards are improving day by day, and energy shortages have become a hot topic in the world at present. The development and utilization of solar energy has become an important part of the sustainable development strategies of various countries, and the outer part of the solar device is very simple. The protective cover plate used in the structure is mostly made of solar glass. The solar glass panel has high solar transmittance, low absorption and reflectivity; It has high mechanical strength against external forces and thermal stresses such as wind pressure, snow, hail, stone throwing, etc; It is impervious to rain and has certain corrosion resistance to rain and harmful gases in the environment; No serious deterioration of performance after long-term exposure to the atmosphere and sunlight; Small coefficient of thermal expansion. Solar glass is widely used in solar ecological buildings, solar photovoltaic industry, solar collectors, refrigeration and air conditioning, solar dryers, solar distillation systems and seawater desalination devices, solar thermal power generation and other fields

photovoltaic glass began to be used in solar modules in the mid-1980s abroad. At present, the foreign manufacturers of this kind of products are mainly Asahi subsidiary of Japan, Pittsburgh company of the United States and Saint Gobain company of France. There is an obvious gap in the market. In China, only 5-7 companies have started to make such products in the past two years. The ones with large production capacity are Shenzhen Southern Glass Group, Shanghai yaopi Glass Co., Ltd., Nanjing Shenghan Glass Co., Ltd., Shanghai fulaite Glass Co., Ltd. and Henan Yuhua Gaobai Glass Co., Ltd. At present, most domestic manufacturers are put into production in the middle of 2008. At present, the product quality of some manufacturers is not good, and the yield is low. This also provides a reliable guarantee for the implementation of our project. As the implementation of China's emerging industry, the project has broad market prospects

construction conditions: the quartzite and silica resources in Yumen City are mainly distributed in the Zhaobi mountain and Beishan area. There are 4 mining points, and the minable mining points are mainly concentrated in Huahai town and sanbaidun, huayaoshan, Beishan mining area, Liuhe Township. Yumen City and zhouguangzi have quality and speed at the same time. In the yushishan area of Bian county and city, many medium-sized ore spots have been proved. The silica content is high and it is easy to open mining areas. The average SiO2 content of ores is more than 295%. Resource diversity has become a favorable condition for the development of quartz processing projects in our city. The project conforms to relevant national industrial policies and can effectively enrich the development of circular economy industrial chain and high energy industrial park in Yumen region. The proposed park has convenient regional transportation. 215 provincial highway, 312 National Highway and Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway run across the park, with an annual freight capacity of more than 7.5 million tons. Two 35 kV and 110 kV central substations have been built in the park. The maximum load is 80000 KVA on the road of transformation and upgrading, and the annual power supply is nearly 700million kwh. The annual water supply can be guaranteed to be about 8million cubic meters. The water supply, power supply, roads and other infrastructure in the living area are complete, and the social service system is sound, The completed area of the park is 4. With an area of 4 square kilometers, 22 enterprises have settled in, and a circular economy industrial chain dominated by "sulfuric acid titanium dioxide sulfuric acid waste heat power generation mining and metallurgy solid waste mining, beneficiation, recycling and processing building materials" has been preliminarily cultivated

for example, polymer materials have quite high elongation

project construction content: build a solar photovoltaic glass production line with a daily output of 1000

investment estimation: the total investment is 130 million yuan, including 120 million yuan of fixed assets and 100 million yuan of working capital

predicted economic benefits: after the completion of the project, it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will be 1150 million yuan, and the tax paid will be 140 million yuan. The profitability of the project is good, and the return rate of investment will reach 56. 62%, with good economic and social benefits

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