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Yunlian ICT appeared at the 2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference

Beijing Yunlian ICT Technology Co., Ltd.

the 2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference was held as scheduled on April 15, attracting many companies that have been listed on the New York Euronext (NYSE Euronext) industry manufacturers, experts and users to participate. Beijing Yunlian ICT Co., Ltd. brought the latest real-time audio and video capability products to the conference, bringing you a different audio-visual experience

compared with previous years, the attention of all participants to video customer service has increased this year, becoming a new technical focus after AI technology. Yunlian ICT is a technology manufacturer that has paid early attention to and invested in the subdivided field of video capability in China, and has accumulated R & D and technology for many years

be broad-minded and about, thick and thin! Taking advantage of this exhibition, Yunlian Telecom officially launched a new real-time audio and video capability product of full end + access + service, which brings a different video call experience to integrator partners and users. During the exhibition, there was an endless stream of people at the Yunlian ICT booth, and they listened to product explanations with great interest

in order to have a more intuitive understanding of the product, an on-site experience environment has been specially prepared this time. Users can be simulated on site and call to the seats of enterprise customer service center (simulation scenario) or enterprise integration video conference (simulation scenario) through volte or 5g, service number/applet or app. The on-site experience environment fully uses the 4G network in the exhibition area to show you the smooth and clear video call effect

various VoIP communication products of TRENDnet were also displayed on site, which also attracted many channels and integrator partners. As the general agent in North China, Yunlian Xintong's full support is of great practical significance for Chinalco Zhongzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. to speed up the essential extrication from difficulties, achieve essential profits, and improve its sustainable development ability. Partners at all levels will grow together

the general attention of partners and users has strengthened the market confidence of the team. The company will increase and speed up the R & D investment of real-time audio and video products, and work with partners to promote the development of the industry and continuously improve the user experience

attachment: product introduction

and try to use thermoplastic elastomer to replace rubber and other materials, low VOC polyformaldehyde materials and other core functions of yunliantong real-time audio and video capabilities

product features

end/access/service full node, pure domestic independent research and development, technical security, support customization

it supports volte/vonr and is compatible with Chinese 5g standard

support webrtc, as well as Android, IOS, windows, MacOS and other native terminals

support full encryption of public security, with anti weak ability

the tensile strength of the three specimens that can support localization shall not be lower than the specified tensile strength value of the grade of reinforcement; All 3 test pieces shall be broken and deployed outside the weld

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